“ Future generations centuries from now are not ‘forced’ to maintain the current fixed cap, but may wish to alter that based on their circumstances with consensus.” This part doesn’t work for me, that’s the whole point of Bitcoin, scarcity and infinite divisibility, why dilute the value I have stored by raising the cap? Sounds like you want Bitcoin to be just another corrupt fiat value debasement tool, are you in the government? For God’s sake man, infinite divisibility preserves wealth while raising the cap is what got us in the mess we’re in now. Get with the plan or go play with the alt coins!

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Bitcoin is bigger than that that, it's bigger than what we imagine in current maximalism. Bitcoin is an entire monetary infrastructure that is flexible based on majority consenus. It's a global government, in the sense that it's the majority of the world's hashpower that decides what the rules of the game are.

In our current circumstances there is no doubt that what you say is right: that we need a form of hard money that is uncorruptable, undebasable, un-inflationable. I believe this is right today and wish this to be the case in the future. But who are we to say that in 2,000 years the necessities may change, and we may need - due to lower growth prospects, or due to scarcity of bitcoin supply - new inflationary policies. I don't know. I do not wish it, but even a system like that may be possible with Bitcoin. And I believe this works in favor of bitcoin as a total system of monetary governance.

Hope that makes sense, if not I'm open to being wrong and learning.

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